Tuesday, 07 July 2020
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Company Name: Huizhou Unionwell
Contact name: billon norton
City: Qinzhou
Address: رقم 532 ، مبنى المكاتب ، الحديقة الصناعية للنقل الصناعي Huizhou ، مقاطعة Longmen ، مدينة Huizhou ، مقاطعة
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Contact Tel: 86-752-623696
Email Address: billonnorton@gmail.com
Web Address: https://www.unionwellfrance.com/
Services offered : Manufacture, Shopping, Manufacture
Description of services: china micro switch manufacturer
based in southern China, Huizhou Unionwell specializes in the creation and manufacture of varieties of microswitches, modules and other precise electronic components, which have been widely assembled with many brands both locally and around the world.
china micro switch manufacturer

Company Name: DeliteGardenSupplies
Contact name: Yan Shao
City: Shanghai
Address: #326 Songdong Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai
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Contact Tel: +8618621912330
Email Address: delitegardensupplies@gmail.com
Web Address: https://delitegardensupplies.com/
Services offered : Gardening, Manufacture, Manufacture
Description of services: Delite Garden Supplies is a professional manufacturer and exporter of garden products. We aim at supplying high quality garden products with affordable price to brands, chain stores, wholesalers and retailers alike.
During 10 years+ dealing with garden products, we mainly export garden greenhouse, wire mesh fencing, WPC decking and other garden supplies. In 2018, Delite Garden greenhouse and polytunnel ranges officially established. We supply polytunnel, walk-in, mini and all ranges of garden greenhouses and sheds, OEM/ODM available.
Rooted in China, viewing the globe. Delite Garden team is consist of multi-nationality and multi-culture. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to help clients from different countries all over the world accomplish deals.

Cooperate with us, you will be able to :
- Import high quality garden greenhouse with affordable price
- Prototype new greenhouse range in China
- Customize greenhouse product
- Monitor greenhouse prodution and shipment

Company Name: Huizhou Unionwell
Contact name: Izrael Tovar
City: Shizuishan
Address: Company: Huizhou Unionwell Address: رقم 532 ، مبنى المكاتب ، الحديقة الصناعية للنقل الصناعي Huizhou ، مقاطعة Longmen ، مدينة Huizhou ، مقاطعة Guangdong,China,216000 Tel: +86-752-6236969 E-mail: info@unionwells.com site: https://www.unionwellarabic.com/
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Contact Tel: +86-752-6236969
Email Address: izraeltovar@gmail.com
Web Address: https://www.unionwellarabic.com/
Services offered : Manufacture, Wholesale, Manufacture
Description of services: https://www.unionwellarabic.com/
The air pressure switch is installed and used in many people's homes. If you want to buy a air pressure switch, you should know more about the working principle of the air pressure switch, so that the air pressure switch can be used better.
Free shipping coupon code: Freeshipping on any order over 10000USD from unionwellarabic.com
china micro switch manufacturer